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Merits of Lithium Batteries.

The types of rechargeable batteries are many and on that list are the lithium batteries. Their popularity is undeniable and given the many merits they offer this is expected. The use of lithium batteries has also gone up in the recent past. The advantages these batteries offer are distinct and they have better improvements compared to the other battery technologies. When you know what lithium batteries have to offer it won’t be difficult for you to make a decision when you are buying a battery.

First of all, lithium batteries offer a high energy density. Thus, it only makes sense that many technological devices are using them. Electronic devices like mobile phones have to operate for long without necessary being charged. Electric gadgets are getting complex each day and these demands are much higher energy density for them to keep working. That is why you have to go for the lithium batteries.

One of the things lithium batteries are praised for is the high energy density which allows them to power electric cars and even equipment. Besides that, you will be surprised at how low the self-discharge rate is for these batteries. A lot of rechargeable batteries fall short when it comes to the self-discharge rate. With lithium batteries, the self-discharge rate is 5% for the first 4 hours after you charge them. Nonetheless, this rate will go all the way down to one or two percent per month after. Therefore, you can still operate your gadget with just the battery as the source of power much later. Another merit of lithium batteries is their low maintenance. There are a lot of things everyone has to worry about which means batteries will not take priority. However, with the other batteries periodic discharge will be essential to avoid memory effects.

For this reason, you will really enjoy using lithium batteries. On top of that, you won’t have to worry about priming with these batteries.

Some rechargeable cells require priming during the first charge. This is not the case with lithium-ion batteries and cells. On top of that, these batteries come in many types. Not all technology has the same battery needs which is why gadget manufacturers should be able to find the right battery or cell for the application they are considering. In matters to do with consumer mobile electronic equipment a high current density will be essential. Others will offer you a much higher current level which can power electric vehicles and also power tools. Besides that, there will be no need for you to blow all your savings on purchasing these batteries. Consumers will be forced to pay too much for a product just because the production cost was not put into consideration.

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